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2022 California Rosé

Our winemaker, Patrick Saboe, tells us he uses the traditional Tavelian method of pressing whole clusters to make our Rosé.  We have no idea what that is, and we can’t find anything about it on the internet.  What we can tell you is this outstanding wine is a unique blend of Tempranillo, Mourvèdre and splash of Grenache.  The result is a dry, crisp European-style wine with layers of strawberries that should please a whole lotta folks.


2022 Sauvignon Blanc Wildwoods Vineyard Sonoma Valley AVA

Wildwood Vineyards climbs between 450 and 2000 feet up the Mayacamas Range above the Sonoma Valley between Glen Ellen and Kenwood. Steeped in tradition and lore, Louis Kunde purchased the vineyard in 1904 and for more than a century, the vines have been tended by five generations of the Kunde family.  Our California style Sauvignon Blanc has a leans a little French Sancerre with 4% Semillon added to the blend.


2021 Chardonnay

Our biggest challenge to blend…too much oak, too much butter vs. too fruit forward, too acidic.  We want balance and we want it now.  New barrels to oaky, neutral barrels to much fruit and acid.  Our balance has become once-used barrels.  The result is a wine with soft fruit upon entry, a smooth midpalate, and a light vanilla oak finish.  Perfect.


2021 Pinot Noir

Finally, after 8 years in business we were able to source Russian River Valley Pinot Noir!!! Vineyard 11 located in the heart of the valley has been the source of grapes for Kosta Browne, Paul Hobbs, Orin Swift and Gary Farrell…pretty cool stuff.  We added just a touch of Syrah (.5%), but that was just enough to add some amazing depth.  We’re not into tasting notes, just get ready for a deep and rich wine with a soft smooth fruity berry finish.


2021 Zinfandel

Planted in 1886, while Grover Cleveland was serving his first term as President, the site is rooted in legacy and lore. Remarkably, a number of the original 140-year-old vines are in great shape and continue to deliver Zinfandel of unprecedented character year after year. The property stairsteps some 1300 feet above sea level on Moon Mountain of the Mayacamas Range, the natural border between Sonoma and Napa.


2021 Rim to Rim

By far our favorite wine to make…and most days to drink.  We start out with half Napa Cabernet Sauvignon and half Napa Merlot.  The wine blend starts great, but we always tinker.  This year’s Bordeaux blend ended up 49% Cabernet Sauvignon, 49% Merlot, 1% Petit Verdot, .5% Cabernet Franc, .5% Malbec.  French Left Bank wines are Cabernet focused while French right bank wines are Merlot focused.  Our 49/49 blend is all American.


2020 Cabernet

For this Napa Valley Cabernet, we went back to the blend of our most successful and the highly rated 2015 vintage.  A little less Cabernet and a little more blending grapes.  The result 85.5% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Merlot, 4% Petit Verdot, 1.5% Cabernet Franc and 1% Malbec.  Softer, rounder, richer, smoother or you can say more smooth but “more smoother” is not grammatically correct.


2019 Rutherford Cabernet

This is probably the most famous vineyard in Napa, but we are not legally allowed to say the name.  It’s also farmed by the one of the most famous farmers in Napa but were not allowed to say his/her name either.  What we can say this is single vineyard wine is the best wine we have ever made!  We added just under 5% of a combination of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec, and Petit Verdot.  Don’t ask us about this vineyard or winemaker, we just can’t say (in print).